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Where Diane Speaks

Ms. Rosenfeld has lectured extensively both around the US and abroad.

  • Conferences
  • Colleges and Universities
  • High Schools
  • Film Screenings
  • Conventions

Representative Speaking Engagements

• Pennsylvania Psychological Association Annual Convention; Harrisburg, PA
June 15, 2016
• “Pornography: Culture, Community, Education”; Harvard Graduate School of Education, Cambridge, MA
April 20, 2016
• The Forum: A Conversation on Girls and Today’s Campus Culture; Dana Hall School, Wellesley, MA
April 28, 2016
• Confronting Violence; Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Cambridge, MA
April 10, 2015
• National Conference on Health and Domestic Violence, Futures Without Violence; Washington, DC
March 19-21, 2015
• Harvard Gender Violence Project, “Gender Justice, Criminal Law and Curricular Reforms”; New Delhi, India
July 12-13, 2013
• Demand Abolition Conference; Boston, MA
May 4, 2012
• NCAA Gender Equity and Inclusion Conference; New Orleans, LA
April 29, 2012

• Boston College CARE week “Women of Color in Pornography”; Chestnut Hill, MA
March 26, 2012
• Jewish Women International Webinar
March 8, 2012
• Vermont Law School, South Royalton, VT
October 20, 2011
• Hamilton College, Clinton, NY
October 5, 2011
• National Summit on Campus Safety for College Presidents, Office on Violence Against Women, US Department of Justice; Washington, DC
October 4, 2011
• “High Risk Domestic Violence Offenders: Intervening to Save Lives”; Department of Corrections, Shirley, MA
June 24, 2011.
• FGV School of Law, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
May, 2011 (Visiting Professor)
• Karamah, Women’s Leadership Summer Program; George Washington University, Washington, DC
June 9, 2010
• Inspire Films Conference, Northwestern University; Evanston, IL
May 13-14, 2010

A compilation of Diane Rosenfeld’s public appearances.

Diane Rosenfeld was interviewed for Nightline: Late Evening News on ABC News in a feature story on domestic violence homicide to explain how GPS tracking can save women’s lives.

CNN Report (April 12, 2011): “Are college men displaying hostile attitudes towards women on campus? HLN’s Jane Velez-Mitchell reports”.

What People Are Saying

  • Thank you again so much for speaking today. It was an inspiring lecture and I hope one day to get involved with this important work in some fashion. Your speech touched me and it’s comforting to know that you are doing great work and really making a difference. So thank you, not only for coming to Vermont Law School and speaking at our Women’s Law Group event, but for also taking on such an important task for all women.

    One attendee's comments after Professor Rosenfeld's speech at Vermont Law School
  • “The message that the Forum sent was very clear. As parents we now realize how much we do not know, and how important it is to find out whether a school is cognizant of and transparent about its knowledge of its issues in sexual assaults/harassments on campus. The discussions made us feel very empowered to begin discussions with our daughter, as well as to raise questions to schools that we look into in the future. We have the right to.

    One parent participant's comments after Ms. Rosenfeld's presentation in "The Forum: A Conversation on Girls and Today’s Campus Culture" at Dana Hall School
  • “Diane is a dynamic and gifted speaker, bringing authority, value and clarity to most any conversation on gender, equality, violence and social justice. She pairs her expertise as a deepened scholar with her in-the-field know-how gained from advocacy work with survivors, schools and communities. She grasps the “big picture”, and helps her audiences see it, too… She immediately made issues relatable and relevant for the educators in the room on both a professional and personal level. Based on feedback from attendees, Diane motivated the audience to care about the problem, and helped them understand how they could be part of the solution.”

    "Coordinator of the Harvard Graduate School of Education's talk on "Pornography: Culture, Community, Education